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4-Step Process

First thing to do is..

Recover your birthright status as an American State National. The  paperwork unravels the fraud against you and restores the foundation upon which to go forward. Likely, you now have already researched various issues that have led you to this point. 

A State National is our born status before it was fraudulently altered. One chooses to return to their born status to enjoy the benefits of living as a private American, enjoying the freedoms we are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and disentangling oneself from the over-reach of the foreign U.S. federal government centered in the District of Columbia—that has franchised itself throughout the states, counties, and cities of the Union. A State National can also take part in and aid their county and state within or without the Assemblies in various ways. It is all about learning to self-govern. Keeping the peace and upholding the public law.



Step 1: Document Creation


1. Go to the ASN Form located under the ASN Access menu item. Watch the "Form Instructions" video.

2. Fill out the form exactly as the video says.

3. Once complete, double-check it and make sure it is correct. Then hit submit.

4. Within a couple of minutes, you will receive your documents in your email inbox. READ and REVIEW them to                       comprehend what they are saying and make sure you made no errors on the form.

5. Get some registered mail labels from the post office. The number on the label you use will need to be added to your                letters that you will be mailing.

6. Schedule a call to review and ask any questions you may have.

7. After review, then you can print them.

Step 2: Notarize Documents

8. Once the documents have been reviewed and printed, it's time to get them notarized.


9. Locate a public notary in your area that can witness you autographing your documents. (An instructional video is provided with your plan for this step). This step is VERY IMPORTANT!

10. You will need to have 2-people that have known you for at least 7-years to sign the witness testimony documents in front        of the notary (one document for each witness). If your witnesses can not be with you when signing with the notary, then        each witness can take the document to their own public notary to sign and return back to you.

Step 3: Record Documents

11. Once all are autographed, then it's time to record them for the public record.

12. There are several acceptable places to record your documents, and all have fees to do so.

       a.  A fast and easy way to do so is through our friends and fellow State Nationals at Here you              can publish and post your own documents without having to deal with anyone or their rules for recording.

       b.  You can also record your documents at your County courthouse recording office or any County in any State that is                  willing to record them. This way can be more cumbersome and complicated when having to deal with people that                   do not comprehend what you are lawfully doing as a State National and many will unlawfully refuse to record your                documents. But there are counties in various states that will record them.

14. We believe Public Record Posting is much easier because, as sovereign men and women, we can record our own                        documents. This way, we by-pass state and county recording problems. There are pros and cons either way. 

15. Now you will mail your 4 letters. 2 to the IRS, 1 to the Secretary of State and 1 to your local voter registration office. (Instructional video provided with your plan)

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