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Lawful Money Redemption

Please fill out the contact form below for a custom price quote. Serious inquiries only, please.

What this service includes:

1. We complete and review all of the necessary documentation needed to correct your status to an American State National.
Documents provided:
  • Deed of Reconveyance Doc - US

  • Act of Expatriation For Each Name (3 documents)

  • Cancellation of All Prior Power of Attorneys

  • Declaration of Political Status

  • Declaration of Political Status Letter to Secretary of State

  • Certificate of Assumed Name

  • Mandatory Notice - Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

  • Paramount Claim of Life

  • 2 Witness Testimonies

  • Revocation of Election To Pay Taxes Cover Letters - NY & DC (just a basic notice)

  • Voter Registration Cancellation Letter

  • Common Carry Declaration

  • Optional: Long form Revocation of Election -- provides a much more in depth explanation of why are not a taxpayer to the IRS. (Additional $500 per person)

2. We will record all of your documents for you via public record posting.

3. We mail all of your letters to the correct offices of government that they are supposed to go to. All of these are done individually and must be done a specific way and sent via registered mail.
The only requirements of you would be:
1. To provide the information needed for all documents you need. (Just filling out a form(s))
2. Once your documents are complete, we will email them to you to have autographed and notarized. You will need a blue and red ink pen as well as a red inkpad for your thumbprint.
3. Have your 2 witness testimony documents filled out an notarized by someone that can confirm you are who you say you are.
4. Then you mail them back to us so we can complete the process. 
That's all you do!

Please keep in mind that depending upon how many family members you need this done for and if you need marriage paperwork and/or baby deeds (only for kids under 18) and if you choose to add-on the Long Form ROE then the price can range from $1,0
Lawful Money Redemption Quote

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

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