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Tracy Phillip Osborne©

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Join date: Oct 16, 2022


I am an American State National, born in Georgia (a nation-state) and therefore, a Georgian. I lived most of my life in southeast Tennessee but for several years have lived in in Kentucky. I am an active participant in our State Assembly.

I also maintain my own website:

ASN Consulting was started by my son, Titus Phillip Osborne©. We have studied much together and we both became American State Nationals at about the same time. I am very proud of him, for sure. He has invested much time, money, and effort into this effort for America and Americans who, oblivious to the fact, that they have been human trafficked into a foreign city-state jurisdiction under foreign law, centered in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia). He is reliable and will provide reliable service for what he contracts with you. Do not delay...learn and return to your birthright political status.

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