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Hello and welcome!


If you have gotten this far then you must be interested in becoming an American State National and needing help getting started in the process of correcting your status.


If this is the case, then we are glad to provide the service of completing your documents for you. Trust us, we know how overwhelming getting started in the learning process of what it means to become a state national can be. We were there as well not too long ago. So, it’s nice to have someone that can help get your documents done while still learning what its all about. 


After everything we have learned, this isn’t something you want to wait to do in the “America” we are currently living in. You want to be FREE once and for all! Free from the corporate by-laws that this de facto foreign owned corporation we think of as our “government”, holds over our heads as their tax and debt slaves. Once you have corrected your status and are back home on the land and soil

jurisdiction, you are free! Their rules, codes, statutes, ordinances and whatever else kind of BS they come up with, no longer apply to you!


Now, with that said, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to stand up for rights and continue to educate yourself, your peers and family. Their is a LOT to learn. The biggest obstacle for most people in doing the paperwork, is just finding the time to do it. It can be time consuming and frustrating when your not sure exactly what you are doing and trying to get questions answered. The next biggest obstacle is just having the confidence in what you are doing and knowing it’s done correctly. This is where we come in! We have been through this process many times for friends and family and we are now deciding to start helping others as well.

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