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Private Trusts




Taxes…. It’s a pain we all have to live with, right? WRONG! Contrary to popular belief, taxes are a voluntary system.


Did you catch that? VOLUNTARY.


Even Steve Miller, former Director of the IRS, went on record at a Congressional hearing and stated that the tax system implemented by the IRS is not mandatory -- but a voluntary system (see source).


Deep down, we all know that rich people like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg don’t pay taxes… and even when they do, THEY PAY LESS THAN YOU (see source)!

He Who Does Not Assert His Rights... Has None!


After one of our founding members, Carlton Weiss, began working for high-priced West Coast attorneys that pierced trusts of the rich and elite.

In his research, we discovered these mega-corporations, Fortune 500 businesses and billionaires had something in common.


We began to reverse-engineer each step of their empires and when we did, we discovered they all had one common thread… A TRUST!


Once you learn how these trusts operate, break down how they are worded, what laws regulate them, how they can protect you and your assets; most importantly, you'll learn that this trust CANNOT be made by lawyers!


Call us crazy, but discovering this trust felt like an “Illuminati Secret” as very few public records exist regarding these types of trusts.


In fact, there are only Supreme Court cases from the 1800's and ~20 rare antiquarian books on trust law that even discuss the matter!


Every time our trust paperwork was brought to a lawyer, the same thing would happen WITHOUT FAIL… they’d throw it out without another word or real explanation (except ONE constitutional lawyer who explained he legally couldn't create the trust on our behalf)! Good thing we aren't lawyers!


Fast forward through the 50+ lawyers visited - when we decided to cut out the middle man (again) and have Carlton Albert Weiss - the legend of piercing trusts - create the paperwork for us!


What Carlton Weiss showed us changed everything. We took the new trust paperwork to four of America's largest multi-national banks (and each time)…
minutes later we walked out of the bank with a Private Irrevocable Trust bank account.

What Did the Private Trust Do?


It allowed us to limit my tax liability just like the billionaires do! Wouldn’t you love to have full control over your finances and limit your tax liability like the ultra-rich do (see source)?


Trusts can work privately or like a business - A Private Trust offers more protection and less liability than popular business types like LLCs or corporations. This is the most powerful financial instrument known to man!


A Private Trust offers more protection and less liability than popular business types like LLCs or corporations. This is the most powerful financial instrument known to man!


Value and Benefits:


Trust Documents: Typical Statutory Trusts can cost upwards of $5,000 - $25,000 or even $40K if offshore, depending on the size and complexity of the estate, and often rigidly marry the Trust Declaration & Corpus, forgoing the flexibility and benefits of the Trustee to choose their path by their own pen hand.


Yearly Tax Benefits:
(40% - 100% reduction)
$20,000+ Depending on their goals, clients can often re-structure existing revenue streams to drastically reduce or even completely eliminate tax liability, saving up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.


Asset Protection:
(Varies) - Whether its a home, a car, or an account, protecting your property from liens, seizures, repossessions, and lawsuits is a priceless benefit of a properly structured Trust.


No Probate Estate:
Planning (Varies) - Pass your estate on to your heirs without exposing your inheritance to third party attorneys or state governments. Educate your Successor Trustee to inherit your legacy and carry on your intent into the next generation.

Complete Email Support:

Should you be in a situation or not know how or what move to make then rest easy knowing you have full support and can ask any questions and get the best expert guidance on the subject.

Schedule a call today and talk with our Private Trust experts to see how you can protect your assets and reduce or eliminate your liability!

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