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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it mean to correct my status?
    At birth you were presumed to be dead (on paper) and lost at sea. Basically, they trafficked you with the birth certificate into the international sea jurisdiction under their admiralty and maritime law. This way they could own you and all of your future assets by creating corporations or trusts in your NAME as all capital letters. This way all of your assets are in your ALL CAPS names that these foreign owned governmental corporations own. You are just an authorized representative. This way they can trade and sell your NAME and assets on the stock exchanges among all sort of other things and profit massive amounts of money off of your assets. Correcting your status means you are taking ownership of the corporations in your name (your ALL CAPS names) and putting yourself back on the land and soil jurisdiction under common law or just, law. Where you are no longer bound by their rules, statutes, codes, ordinances, mandates, etc. You are cancelling any contracts that you have previously and unknowingly entered into as a "US Citizen". You are NOT a US Citizen. Their laws only apply to different "titles" such as US Citizen, and every other title you can think of besides a man or woman. You are a man or woman first, but can act as an American State National if need be in order to obtain remedy. It's like playing monopoly, there are rules of the game that your game piece must abide by, but at any point in time you can step out of the game and just be a man or woman. You can contract in certain areas if it benefits you but you don't have to be afraid of making a wrong move. But you have to understand law. Everything is correctable. You have to express your law over your property. For example, if you put a "NO Parking - $500 Fine" sign in your driveway. Then that is your right to express your law for your property and you have the right to hold any man or woman accountable for trespassing against your property. If there is no sign, then its hard to hold anyone accountable. You can "complain" to daddy judge but that usually gets you nowhere. In this case, by doing your paperwork and correcting your status, you are expressing YOUR LAW and putting it on the public record, so that no man or woman acting as a judge, LEO, attorney, etc. can trespass against you. The entire system is built for the de facto, so there is really no way of completely removing ourselves and not interacting with it in some capacity. So, if you're going to carry a title and play the game, then the best game piece (or title) to be is as a State National.
  • Can I correct my status if I am naturalized or have a green card?
    Short answer is, yes! Anyone born within the physical borders of an American State is eligible. Anyone born to an American parent or parents overseas may claim the birth State of their parent or choose between the parent’s birth States, if both parents are Americans. People born in the District of Columbia or the Municipality of Washington, DC, are, in effect, born in foreign countries and rely on one or both parents to establish their political status. Anyone who enters the country legally and who either: (1) goes through the formal Naturalization process to become a U.S. Citizen, or (2) lives here seven years on a Green Card without committing a felony or taking public assistance, may adopt a home State after establishing a home within its borders and living there at least a year and a day. These, then, are the four (4) groups eligible to claim American State National status. Can people establish American State Citizenship based on a Grandparent? That depends on the situation, and especially on where the child is born and who has actual custody on a day to day basis. Children formally adopted by Grandparents who are Americans are eligible to take the Grandparents’s name and nationality. Nationality is inherited as a birthright. It happens automatically the day you are born. In America, we inherit our nationality from our State. We are New Yorkers, Wisconsinites, Californians, and so on. People can change their nationality by many means, but it must be a conscious and voluntary and fully disclosed change to be valid. The standard of evidence needed to change from a birthright American State National to a Municipal citizen of the United States was set on April 14, 1802, by 2 Statute at Large 153, Chapter 28, Subsection 1. This remains the Public Law that pertains to Americans wishing to change their political status to that of Municipal citizens of the United States. Unfortunately, most of us were misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens shortly after we were born and British Territorial Citizens are not protected by our Public Law, though they are protected by international law prohibiting the activities that have been promoted by the British Territorial Government on our shores.
  • What about my retirement?
    No matter where your retirement comes from, it’s yours because you paid into it. It is safe and you are entitled to it. Correcting your status does not nullify your retirement.
  • How do I navigate the IRS? Will they come after me?
    The IRS like all government contractors, operates through paperwork and uses fear to control people. They don’t just show up at your door overnight or freeze your accounts. They use a series of letters and notices to try to intimidate you and seek to instill fear in you. Every letter and notice can be properly rebutted. The IRS scam was figured out decades ago and it’s possible to navigate out safely. The horror stories we hear about are propagandized to reinforce the fear. Torture one, terrorize 10,000. The people that have had problems, are people who have not properly corrected their status. If you participate in their jurisdiction (the Maritime jurisdiction) they still own you. You must make sure you have the correct paperwork and that it is properly filled out, recorded and published. The more deeply you study the fraud and the truth about our government, the truth about taxes and the truth about the IRS the more confident you will become about your rights and freedoms as an American. Click the button below to learn more about the IRS and how you do NOT owe taxes.
  • What do I do with my drivers license and registration?
    For now, keep them. There is no rush. Take your time and just keep learning. Unless you are very experienced in law and know how to interact with law enforcement officers, then there is no reason in getting yourself into any sticky situations. As a matter of fact, this is one area where it may be better to have a license and registration for the benefits of being able to have insurance. There are no protections when driving in the private and you run over little Ben in the road.
  • Do I still get to draw my Social Security Benefits?
    Social Security Number – Once you complete all your paperwork that number belongs to you and you are free to use it without fear. Social Security income – You paid into the social security income program, therefore you are entitled to receive your payments back. That cannot be taken away from you.
  • How will I know how to correct my status?
    Included in each package are instructional videos for each step of the process, which are: Filling out the form to get your documents How to autograph your documents Recording and publishing your documents Mailing your letters As well as Passport instructions
  • Do I still get Medicare?
    It works the same as Social Security. You paid into it, so correcting your status does not affect your Medicare coverage.
  • I have been or are currently on unemployment, food stamps and/or medicaid. Can I still correct my status?
    You paid into these systems and programs while you were working and therefore you were entitled to those benefits. Once you correct your political status you cannot participate in the these programs any longer.
  • Do I still get employee benefits?
    You are entitled to all your employee benefits. That does not change when you correct your status.
  • Can I get healthcare if I have corrected my status?
    You can still obtain healthcare coverage and you cannot be refused care because you corrected your status.
  • How do I use my mailing address?
    Whenever you need to put your mailing address on an envelope or document, always use it care-of (c/o) in front of the street address line and some people also put square brackets around their zip code. If you do not do at least the c/o trick, you are essentially entering an adhesion contract with the de-facto government.
  • What do I do after my paperwork?
    After you have completed, recorded and published all your documents and sent your notices to the de-facto government, it can take up to nine months for the various agencies to update their systems with your new status. Even then, you likely will get no confirmation an update has occurred. This is why it is recommended to take is slow when exercising your rights as a state national or state citizen, such as driving without a drivers license or no longer registering you personal automobile. It is, of-course up to you.
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