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What is a Lawful Marriage vs LEGAL Marriage?

What is a “Lawful Marriage” as opposed to a “Legal Marriage”?

A Lawful Marriage is one that takes place on the land and soil of an actual, factual country. It takes place according to the Law of Scripture and the Public Law of the country and internationally it is recognized as a Simple Treaty under the Law of Nations.

It’s both a private agreement and a public agreement between two people to live together and enter into all the rights and responsibilities of married life.

A “Legal Marriage” is a Joint Venture between two Legal Persons (your STRAWMEN) chartered by a State of State, subject to the Statutory Laws of that State of State. The State of State, like the State of Washington, issuing the new franchise charter is an undisclosed third Party having an “interest” in the Joint Venture and the “products thereof”— your children.

Obviously, you want to have your ducks in order and be making a deliberate choice about which kind of “marriage” you are entering into.

Many parents are seeking help to protect their children who are now planning to get married and not knowing the difference between these two kinds of marriage. They don’t want their children and grandchildren to be reduced to mere businesses operating a JV under the thumb of State of State subcontractors.

The basic situation is the same as what we encountered with the Baby Deed. If we don’t record our baby’s true identity as an American State National, the freebooters sneak in and register our baby’s name as a Legal Person and Ward of their State of State organization, leaving him or her — and their parents — at the mercy of the Territorial State of State.

To counteract, we record the Baby Deed at the and seize ownership to our own children on the Public Record. If the State of State then registers our baby’s name, it is clearly and demonstrably a secondary claim and is not owed any enforcement against the parents.

Straightening out your own political status records and recording that little Baby Deed on the land jurisdiction puts you back in control of your lives and the lives of your children. It’s the same way with marriages.

You need to record your Lawful Marriage, prior to or in concert with any “registration” of the new “vessel” with the State of State organization.

To that end, the “Solemn Record and Proclamation of Lawful Marriage” does for marriages what the Baby Deed does for babies —- establishes your marriage as a Lawful Marriage on the Public Record.

Recording this “Solemn Record and Proclamation of Lawful Marriage” protects your marriage from being treated as a commercial contract and prevents you and your children from being subjected to the unilateral demands of Territorial and Municipal Agencies.

For your own safety and sanity and for the well-being of your children, be sure to complete the “Solemn Record and Proclamation of Lawful Marriage” and get it recorded. This is evidence that you are acting as living people getting married and not functioning as business entities engaged in a Joint Venture merger—- which is how your marriage will otherwise be “interpreted” by the existing court systems.

I will also point out that doing this prevents a lot of the other heartaches that can be associated with marriages — CPS, forced vaccinations, denial of home school rights, inequitable divorces, and a whole lot more can be settled privately and should be settled privately by arbitration.

Just make sure to get your “Solemn Record and Proclamation of Lawful Marriage” properly witnessed and recorded and forestall any ability of the pirates to exercise their “discretion” with regard to what kind of marriage you have entered into.

Instructions for the Solemn Record and Proclamation of Marriage:

1. All names should appear in First Middle Last form, except in the last section where only the Bride’s and Groom’s First and Middle Names are used.

2. The final section that the Justice of the Peace acting for the State or the Clergy Members use to affirm the marriage is an Official Witness added to the Lawful Witnesses.

3. Several original copies should be prepared all at once. The Witnesses sign in red ink with red right thumbprint seals, while the Officiant/Clergy sign in blue. Typically you will want at least six (6) copies — one for recording, two (one each) for the parents, two (one each) for the Bride and Groom, one for the Officiant.

4. If a Justice of the Peace officiates, the Marriage is under the Law of California, Law of Nevada, etc. If a member of the clergy officiates, the Marriage is under the Law of Scripture — whichever scripture applies. For all purposes international, the Marriage is under the Law of Nations as a Simple Treaty.

5. The Solemn Record and Proclamation of Marriage should be recorded where it serves as permanent public notice; some people who can afford to do so take out ads in the local papers giving Notice of the Parties being married, time, place, day, etc.

6. It should be recorded under both the Bride’s Name and the Groom’s Name as a Joint Recording.

7. A Recording Cover Sheet should be added to provide space for the Recorder’s Office labels. The Grantors are the Parents. The Grantees are the Bride and Groom. The Recorded Copy should be returned to the newlyweds at their home address.

8. If an Annulment or Divorce occurs later in life, a Public Proclamation of Annulment or Public Proclamation of Divorce will need to be recorded as an “Extension” to the original recording of the Marriage.



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